Cloud Architecture

Devshaft Cloud Architecture Services

Our seasoned cloud solutions architects are ready to offer expert guidance on your architecture, migrations, and software installations. Count on our team for comprehensive support and insights.

Full Stack Computing

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Cloud Computing

Achieve peak CPU performance in cloud computing environments, especially for CPU-intensive or latency-sensitive workloads, utilizing our state-of-the-art AMD EPYC™ processors.

GPU Computing

Maintain complete control over your environment through high-performance single-tenant dedicated servers featuring NVIDIA GPUs and robust AMD EPYC™ processors.

Bare Metal Machines

Experience fully dedicated, isolated bare metal, exclusively tailored to your workload, ensuring optimal performance and security with a single-tenant infrastructure.

Managed Databases

With Managed Databases, swiftly launch a new database while outsourcing management responsibilities such as configurations, high availability, disaster recovery, backups, and data replication for increased efficiency.


DKE is a fully managed K8s container orchestration engine, simplifying the deployment and management of containerized applications with user-friendly features and transparent pricing.

NVMe Storage

Leveraging high-speed NVMe technology provides unparalleled price-performance, boasting a 10-20x surge in throughput and up to a 2000x enhancement in IOPS compared to conventional spinning disks.

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We Do The Achitect

Our architecture services grant you peace of mind, ensuring that your online future is in expert hands. We specialize in creating robust, future-proof digital solutions. With our expertise, we build a strong foundation for your web presence, guaranteeing a seamless and prosperous online journey.

Managed Cloud Services

We manage your cloud environment, offering you freedom and ease. We handle uptime, disaster recovery, and more, ensuring your online operations run smoothly. With us, you can focus on your core business, confident that your cloud infrastructure is expertly maintained for optimal performance and reliability.

Cybersecurity Services

Empower your digital defense with cutting-edge cybersecurity services. From threat detection to secure solutions, safeguard your assets in the digital realm.

Application Development

We are crafting innovative solutions tailored to your needs. Our application development services ensure seamless user experiences, scalability, and technological excellence.